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Carrier Access and Profit Sharing

The Axis Agency: A non competing insurance agency to help you develop carrier relationships

Axis Associated Insurance Brokers will own and operate a non-competing agency. This agency will be exclusive to our members and in fact it will not write business except for AAIB members.

The “Axis Agency” is here to help you gain complete access to carriers you wouldn’t otherwise qualify for, until you have enough premium to qualify for sub codes on your own. The Axis Agency should be considered your own personal “Insurance Savings Account” We carry the main access code and write the policy through the Axis Agency. You get 100% of the commission and each policy goes into your “Insurance Savings Account” for each company. Once you meet the companies volume requirements and other criteria, you can be assigned your own sub-code and have all the premium shifted to your own agency sub-code. If your volume somehow slips below the minimum requirement, instead of being terminated, we would simply slide you back into the Axis Agency code and you can keep renewals and new business with the company.

Your Profits Will increase with Axis

Access to more companies = access to more profit

Commission rates can be higher for agents who a part of a cluster

Access to software like Epic Applied Systems to lower cost of operations

Growth, profitability, relationships, technology:
That is your future with Axis Associated Brokers.