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We offer forward-thinking
insurance agencies the opportunity to
enhance their profitability

Remain Completely Independent

When You Partner with Axis, you maintain 100% ownership of your agency and you keep 100% of commission for the business you place

Carrier Access

Get directly connected with over 20 carriers. We maintain carrier appointments – You gain more freedom to sell insurance and grow your business.

Better Commission Opportunity

Greater premium volume makes extra commissions available for agents with several of the carriers Axis Brokers is appointed with.

What Our Members Think

Stonehouse Insurance Agency, Temecula, CA

Many clusters charge enormous fees that benefit only a few at the top, they often contract you into giving up your ownership of your book. Axis has a very generous membership offering, one of the fairest and strongest in the market today, that provides 100% ownership of your book, and high commission structure

Sandi at Otium Agency says:

“Access to standard markets is key to providing the best coverage options to my clients. Axis makes it easy to offer the best value by providing the markets and direct access to underwriters. My relationship with Axis is invaluable to my business!”

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